1. Dicked around with some medium format stuff. How much do you wanna bet it turns out like garbage?


  2. A very cool show.
     Wild Side and S.M are two of my favourite bands in Ontario the world.


  3. Family forever.


  4. Anonymous said: Just came across you on Tinder. Must hate cops is a joke, right?

    No. You better hate cops if you’re trying to get a date with me.


  5. Guess which gender my jacket was intended for.
    (Hint: not men)


  6. I think I’m in collections for something. Forgive the typo.


  7. Start a band with me that sounds like this being played for three hours.


  8. Bought a new amp. Let’s start a band.


  9. Won tickets to see Slipknot in the funniest way I ever could.


  10. An all time favorite.


  11. Anonymous said: What are you doing for your last night?

    Shoving clothes in garbage bags.


  12. Last night living in Toronto. Gonna nuke the CN Tower and bail.


  13. Sailing.



  15. Boris
    Aug 7 2014
    Lee’s Palace