1. I switched numbers to the city I live in. Text me your name.



  3. dbno89:

    1st Wild Side gig. Video by Bostin.


  4. 3D Me


  5. Limp Wrist
    Wrongbar - NDY ‘13
    Nov 16 2013


  6. I’ve listened to this song a lot the last few days. 


  7. Here’s my impression of a condom.


  8. causeofdeath:

    New hardcore from Canada. Featuring members of Sabotage, Demolition and Ancient Heads. Check it out.




  11. Day one of living in Toronto is going good.

    • First day of work was good
    • Living 20 meters from a Taco Bell is better

  12. Cities Aviv
    Jefferson Loft
    Feb 14 2014


  13. Pretending it’s Spring.


  14. Only idiots don’t like Prince.


  15. Back in Toronto on March 1st. 

    Hopefully for longer than a month.