1. Record Store Day haul


  2. I switched numbers to the city I live in. Text me your name.



  4. dbno89:

    1st Wild Side gig. Video by Bostin.


  5. 3D Me


  6. Limp Wrist
    Wrongbar - NDY ‘13
    Nov 16 2013


  7. I’ve listened to this song a lot the last few days. 


  8. Here’s my impression of a condom.


  9. causeofdeath:

    New hardcore from Canada. Featuring members of Sabotage, Demolition and Ancient Heads. Check it out.




  12. Day one of living in Toronto is going good.

    • First day of work was good
    • Living 20 meters from a Taco Bell is better

  13. Cities Aviv
    Jefferson Loft
    Feb 14 2014


  14. Pretending it’s Spring.


  15. Only idiots don’t like Prince.